Friday, 8 December 2017

Making a PowerPoint Presentation for Your Dissertation Defense

To write a dissertation is not enough for the students. After writing a mind-blowing dissertation, it is also necessary for the students to defend it before the committee members. To prepare yourself for the dissertation defense is to attend some dissertation defenses of your fellows or senior students. With the help of attending these dissertation defenses, you will get an idea about the questions that are asked by the committee members and the PowerPoint slides that are made to defend your dissertation.
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The most important step of the dissertation defense is to make a mind-blowing PowerPoint presentation. While making the PowerPoint presentation for your dissertation defense, you should try to keep in mind that all the information provided in these slides should consist of the main points and main research questions of the dissertation. There is no need to write down the complete information in the PowerPoint slides. You just need to write down the most important hints on these slides. Here, we will provide some important tips that you should keep in mind while making a PowerPoint presentation.

1) There are some students who try to make the PowerPoint slides fancy. This is not a professional way to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your dissertation defense. You should try to keep the slides of the PowerPoint presentation as simple as possible. The transition between the slides should also be simple.

2) Try to limit the bullet points and text on the different slides of the PowerPoint presentation. Its reason is that these limited bullet points and text are easily visible to the audience. Moreover, these limited bullet points and text provide only some hints about the most important points of the topic and you can explain these important points in your own words rather than just reading the text from the slides. This thing is also helpful for the students to maintain eye-contact with the audience.

3) While making the PowerPoint presentation, we will have to use a lot of graphics in order to explain the different points. Some students use the low-quality graphs and these low-quality graphs are easily visible on the small screen of the computer, but they are not easily visible on the big screen of the projector. Therefore, we should try to use higher quality graphics only.

4) It is also necessary for you to use different kinds of charts in order to explain your point of view with more detail. You can use the Pie charts, vertical bar charts, horizontal bar charts, line charts, and so on.

5) As we know that colors are the most important things in order to evoke the feelings of anyone. Therefore, to get the attraction of the audience, it is also necessary for you to use these colors in an effective way in the PowerPoint presentation.

6) The last and the most important thing to prepare the PowerPoint presentation is that the fonts should be used in an effective way throughout the PowerPoint presentation. The most commonly used font is Times New Roman.

If you are not able to make a PowerPoint presentation for your dissertation, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services.