Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Should Licensed Gun Holders Be Allowed To Carry Their Weapons To School

Licensed Gun Holders
A school is an institute to provide education to the students. In a school, a learning environment is devised to provide clear directions to the students. These directions are provided by the teachers. In various countries, formal education is provided to the students through a series of schools. These schools are primary and secondary schools. In short, we can say that a school is the name of providing education and in school, the teachers or students should not be allowed to carry their guns in the school. Here, experts of assignment writing services will discuss why it is prohibited to carry weapons in the school.
  • As we know that some students face some adverse impacts of homework and other educational activities on their minds. Due to these mental disturbances, there is a possibility that they try to commit suicide. If a student has a licensed gun with him in the school, the ratio of suicides will be increased.
  • There are also some teachers who face some kinds of mental disturbances due to their authorities and overload. These kinds of mental disturbance can also lead the teachers to suicide. With the help of licensed guns, they can easily commit suicide.
  • There are some students and teachers who have offensive nature. If they are allowed to carry guns with them, they can create different violence in the school. In the offence, there is also a possibility that they can shoot a student or a teacher.
  • Bullying is a common problem in schools. Most of the students try to show aggressive behaviour with the other fellow students. The range of this kind of bullying is limited. On the other hand, if these aggressive students have guns, the range of bullying will be expanded.
  • To carry a gun in school can last some psychological impacts on the students. Due to these psychological impacts, they are not able to learn things in an effective way.
  • Gun-Related violence has lots of impacts on the economics of a country. The US spends almost $230 billion dollars on gun-related violence. In order words, we can also say that a single murder with a gun has a cost of almost four million dollars. In order to save a country from this kind of economic loss, the use of these guns should be limited.

Now, the problem is that without guns, how is it possible for the teachers and students to protect themselves under critical circumstances. The answer to this question is that a school should spend a handsome amount on the security of a school. In the school security, there come armed gatekeeper, armed watchman, fix cameras to monitor different places of school, and there should be a fence on the walls of the schools. With the help of such kind of security, the teachers and students can take part in the learning opportunities without taking care of the security issues. If a student brings a gun in the school, he/she should be eradicated from the school.