Formatting guidelines on writing a scientific paper

Writing a scientific paper is tricky and time consuming. if you are not interested in publishing a scientific paper, you can be asked to write a scientific paper in your college or university as an assignment. There is a specific format of scientific papers and not everyone is aware of the format. It is necessary to learn about the format of the scientific paper, so that you can easily write the paper when you are given assignment in college or university. Following guidelines and tips prepared by writers of Ph.D dissertation writing services will help you to write a scientific paper.

Paper Formatting

Formatting is very important for writing any piece of work.
·         You should be able to know the audience of your paper, so that you can write it in the proper format. You need to write a paper in a way that everyone understands it. You will be required to use the technical language but do not use too complicated language and terms.
·         Use the active voice for your paper. To use active voice, write the statements like  “We performed this experiment…” instead of “The experiment was performed
·         If you are writing a scientific paper for publication, then you should follow the guidelines of the publisher, as every journal has specific format and for publishing your paper in these journals you need to write the paper in that format.
·         Every scientific paper has specific format, so you should organize it in specific required format.

The sections

You should divide the paper in proper sections. It should be divided according to the materials and methods.
·         Always start your paper with the materials and method section as it is the easiest part to write and does not require much time. The materials and methods should be described clearly so that everyone could easily understand it.
·         The results of the paper should be explained in the result section of the scientific paper. Results are self explanatory. In result section, you write the outcomes of the experiment. It is not the conclusion section, as conclusion is followed by results
·         You interpret your data in discussion section of the scientific paper. In discussion section, you discuss the outcomes of the experiments, give recommendations to future researchers and give your point of view.
·         The introduction section is the first part of the scientific paper. You introduce your paper in this section. Literature review is also part of introduction section. You present the work of other authors in literature review to find out the gap of study.
·         The abstract is the first section but it is written at the end when you complete the paper. Abstract is the summary of your entire paper.

Use the figures and tables

Figures and tables are the essential part of the scientific paper. Figures and tables are used to describe the data and results, as it is easy to explain your findings with the help of diagrams and figures. The diagrams, figures and tables you use should be clear and easy as it is the most important part because most of the readers only read the figure and diagrams.

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