Key challenges that university students face in the UK these days

University life is very fascinating to the student but at the same time it is very difficult to cope specially during the initial period. There are many problems of adjustments, as there is huge difference in college and university life. It becomes more difficult for international students as they not only face the challenges of studies but they also have to face the cultural differences. According to the writers of buy dissertation online, students usually thrilled with the idea that they will meet new people and experience different things but at the same time they face many difficulties.

The Lectures

The style of lectures is different from school and college life and you need time to get use to it. You will find it very difficult and they will not be able to understand most of the things during lecture but they can easily tackle this problem with the passage of time.


When you come to the university, you meet different and new people. With some people you form very cordial relationship and with many you do not. In university life you will face this problem in the start that how to manage and maintain relationships, as the relationships in university are very different from college and school friendships.


When you get admission in university, your expenses increase. You need to spend more on your fee, books and many other things. This is the most challenging part of university life. You should plan before getting admission that how you will go to manage your expenses. Because when you take admission without proper planning, you cannot bear the pressure and you might think of quitting the university. So proper planning of finances is very important.

Academic Writing

The academic writing is different in university life than school and college. The assignment might seem difficult to you. But this problem can be solved by taking help and doing research for yourself, if you are not able to understand certain academic writing, you can consult your teachers for help and guidance. You can even take help from seniors and colleagues. You can also take help from internet and university library to understand the format and structure of the assignment.


You might face problems in getting along with classmates. There might come problems in understanding. This can because you stress as you spend most of your time with your classmates. So it is important that you develop good relationships with them. Talk to them; participate in class activities for ice breaking.


You can also face the problems in adjusting in new environment. But remind yourself that it is the place where you are going to stay for next 4 years and this is the place that is going to make you. Try to familiarize yourself with the environment and people.

New things are not easy and it is difficult to accept change but nothing comes with ease. You will have to do efforts in order to solve all the problems and challenges you face in university. If you want to stay there and complete you degree then you needs to overcome all the challenges coming your way. As it says “if there is will, there is way”

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