Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Language learning block: Tips to find a way out


Language barrier is a common challenge. Communication is an important aspect in learning. But when the communication is in different language especially when you are at foreign country where the language and culture is completely different, you feel difficulty in survival. Especially when you are a student and you have to learn and communicate in foreign language. It is important that you find out some ways out to learn language and bridge the gap. Eventually you learn the language but you face all these difficulties in the start. Because everything is unknown to you. Few tips by dissertation proposal writing services, are here to cope with communication gap.

Use plain language

Use a language that is understandable to everyone. Use simple words, try to avoid difficult words. Translate the documents in your own language but be careful when translating the documents because the translation is not always in the same dialect.

Use translator

Whenever you face difficulty, take the help of translator. In this way you will be able to understand what you are being told. But the translator should be trustworthy, who can exactly translate the words in your own language.

Language classes

Take language classes. It is important to take language classes before going to a place where the language is different. In language classes you learn all the basics which can help you to survive. You will learn the phrases, warnings and other critical communication elements that are necessary for learning any language. You will only be given the basic classes but if you want to learn more, you can opt for advance classes where you can learn more about a specific language.


Meet new people and hang out with the locals. It will help you to learn their language and you will also learn about their culture. When you meet new people there are many things that you will learn. In classroom you are told formal things and only those things which they want you to know but when you go out and meeting with different people. You get to know the different aspects of a culture, people and language. You will be able to understand not only the language but the tone of the people.

Language barrier can be frustrating and it can hurdle your process of learning but it require patience and understanding. Be sure that you never lose your patience, never raise your voice and keep your tone low while talking to native. Respect their culture and language. Communication gap is a barrier in understanding, when you are not able to understand someone or other people cannot understand what you are saying; it does not mean that you or those people are not intelligent enough to understand each other. 

Remember language barrier has nothing to do with intelligence. Never lose your patience and keep talking, that will help you to learn
Language barriers can be challenging, but working with people of different cultures and backgrounds will bring innovation, motivation and creativity and eventually will lead to success. Do not let these barriers to stop you from moving forward.

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