Rules to follow for writing an A class Coursework

Many students prefer coursework as they want to show their academic abilities and they also want to keep themselves away from the tensed situation of exams.  Writing a coursework is good for those students who do not perform good in exams. A coursework is a form of investigation which helps you to explore new ideas and findings in certain field say the writers of dissertation proposal writing service. You can write your coursework at home but there is also some controlled condition required to write your coursework.

The rules
Before you start writing your coursework, there are some rules that you should understand. Failing to understand and non implementation of these rules can result in the disqualification of your coursework. It is a serious matter, so you should be very careful in writing your coursework.

No plagiarism
Your work should be free of plagiarism; plagiarism is a serious and dangerous matter, so it is important that everything you write should be in your own words. There is lot of information available on internet, but you should not directly copy that information, you need to rephrase that in your own words.

Help from teachers
You can take help from your teachers. You can ask them questions regarding your coursework. Your teachers can provide you guidance about what you should include in your coursework and what the examiners require from you. You can show your teacher the draft of your coursework and they can give hints and ideas how to improve your work.

Word count
There is certain word count for very coursework; you should strictly stick to it. Do not go beyond the word limit neither writes less words than directed. Find out whether references, footnotes and bibliographies are included in the word count or not.

Check the topic
Choose the topic wisely for your coursework. Choose that topic that you could easily work on it. Do not randomly pick any topic that could create difficulties for you later. Understand your topic to work on it smoothly. Check whether the topic you have chosen is included in the exam paper or not. Your coursework topic should be different than the exam topic.
Once you have chosen the topic for the coursework, start writing on it. Before writing your coursework you need to do some preliminary work on it.

·    Research
Do the research on the topic that you have chosen. Research will help to understand your topic and gather the information you need to write.

After doing the necessary research, make an outline of the coursework. It will help you to identify how you are going to write your coursework and what things should be included and what should not be included.

·    Writing
Start writing your coursework. Use all the material and data that you have gathered in your research but do not include everything, use only that information that is relevant to your topic and argument. You can support your argument with images and statistics.

·    Final touches
The final step in wring a coursework is using the references and bibliography. State all the references that you have used.
Before final submission proofread your work. Check the word count, bibliography, references and the format of the coursework.

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