Some bad habits that can ruin your academic career in University

University life is very attractive and unforgettable as it is the most memorable time of student’s life but at the same time it is very challenging. You have to keep balance in your social and academic life. You have to give equal time to your studies. As compared to high school and college where there are very strict rules and proper check and balance, in university life there is no check and balance from teachers. You are free to study at your own, you are free to take classes or bunk classes no one will ask you but if you are not taking classes and not studying it can affect you in the end, it will cause you harm. When students take admission in university and they experience the freedom, they develop some bad habits that could affect even ruin their academic career.

Social Media and Networking
Coursework writing service writers say when you enter the university, you are in the growing stage and attracted to many things. One such thing is the social media. Now day’s mobile phones are very common and every child has smart phone. Everything is available on mobile phone. Every kid is on the social networking website. There are advantages but disadvantages of social sites as well. When you come to university, you explore new things and get the exposure which can affect you in negative way. You can use the social sites in negative way, mostly not for harming anyone but for adventure which eventually can lead to bad experience. Social media and networking is part of life these days but it is important to use it in limit and focus on the positive aspects rather negative ones.

Bad company
One reason that students develop bad habits in university life is the bad company and this is the most common and crucial problems as it lead to many other problems. When you have bad company, you will be into many bad things at the university. There are every type of student in the university, some will belong to well off families and will be having money that could attract you. you can get impressed by their life style and try to imitate them, which can lead you to nowhere. Bad company can also make you smoke and even drink. You can get addicted to drugs, which is a very serious issue and cost you not only your career but life too

Unnecessary Freedom
When you get admission in university, you experience freedom that you never had in college and high school. When you get to know that if you bunk class, no one will ask you, if you do not sit in exams, no one going to inquire and if you do not prepare presentation, no is going to scold you, in this situation, you develop the sense of over confidence that you can do anything. But you are not aware that these things will affect you at the end of semester. When you have freedom, you should not use that for doing negative things. Develop sense of responsibility and do not play with your life.

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