Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Tips on writing a discussion post to get highest marks


Talking on a course in a discussion post can be a good and educative experience. In a discussion post you have the chance and ability to discuss different perspectives and have an in depth discussions on the relevant course topics. How you can attract the attention of the people towards your discussion post and how your discussion can be helpful in getting good even highest marks in the exams in a particular subject. There are ways written by the writers of buy dissertation online, that could help you write an outstanding discussion post about a topic and help students in getting good marks in the subject.

Do your Homework
Before writing the discussion post complete your homework. Read the module and material. How can you possibly write about a specific concept or topic if you don’t have a clear perspective of the course material directly from the start? As you’re reading, make connections between the text and the “real world”.  Find ways to make the concepts applicable to your own life. What value does the content offer you? What added value will you bring to the context of the material? Immerse yourself in the readings so when you’re ready to begin writing, you’ll be fully prepared to present an authentic, meaningful response.

Make a strong argument
Develop a strong argument and support your statements with evidence from the course materials. In other words: research, research, research and cite, cite, cite. Be concise about your ideas thoroughly. Your argument should be strong and relevant. Give the examples from real life to support your argument.
Your argument should be relevant
When your post and material will be authentic, you will be able to create a successful discussion. Include personal or professional experience, when these are applicable and relevant and support your ideas with text evidence. Are you learning about something that you have direct experience with or currently explore in the workplace? Offer real-world application of these ideas to bring added value to the conversation and resonate with other students. Remember to always relate direct references to concepts you’re learning about and establish those connections with evidence from academic sources. 

Post should be unique
What is new that you are offering in your post? Be different and unique. Provide a video clip, article reading, or link to an outside resource that highlights the message you’re conveying; do something extra that requires others to think and respond to the ideas you’re sharing. Establishing a position and supporting it with evidence are great ways to demonstrate that you are not only making connections with the content but also attaining a deep understanding of the material. 

Do Proofreading before you post
Whether you love working in the cloud via Google Apps or are working on Word, use your favorite text editor and draft your response in a text editor before you post to the discussion board. In doing so, you’ll have a better chance to ensure the post is consistent, logical, and complete. You will also be able to identify grammatical errors and mistakes if there are any.

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