What we need to include in the dissertation introduction chapter in the UK

The introduction should be attractive and attract reader’s attention. It should include everything that you are going to discuss and explain in your dissertation later. The introduction chapter should not have the research findings, you should write an introduction as if you have not conducted your research yet and you are not aware of the results. The examiner always reads the introduction and conclusion chapter first, so these chapters should be catchy and you need to revisit these two chapters after finishing your dissertation.

The introduction is a part of the structure of the dissertation and its a difficult portion to write. This is because the things in dissertation keep on changing, you are not sure about the findings of your analysis and the results of surveys and questionnaires. You have to write introduction according to the discussion and findings of your research, that is why some researchers suggest that introduction should be written at the end of dissertation.

The dissertation is written in present tense. This can be seen in sentences such as 'this dissertation explores theoretical concepts...', 'the thesis includes an evaluation of...', and so on.

Things to include in introduction
Following things written by the writers of dissertation writing service, to be included in introduction of a dissertation.

When you first write your introduction you should try to ensure that it addresses four considerations.
First, it should act as a chapter in which you 'feel your way into the subject'.
Secondly, and most importantly, your introduction should explain to the reader the structure and approach that your work will follow. Therefore it should to contain sentences such as:
  • The primary purpose of this dissertation is to analyse the effects of X on Y.
  • This dissertation addresses a number of key aims and objectives.
Thirdly, the introduction is the reader's guide to your piece of work. It should inform them of what to expect within your piece of work and where they will find different components of that work. Accordingly, the introduction should explain why you are undertaking the research.
Fourthly, it should also make reference to the ultimate conclusions and recommendations
Finally, the conclusion not only offers a range of recommendations based upon the findings within this dissertation but also suggests a number of related areas that would benefit from further academic study.

After writing such introduction, start writing the body of research.. You need to bear in mind that sections of your introduction will need to be rewritten once you have finished your whole first draft. When your are done with your work, you should have to write introduction according to your work. You can expect changes in the dissertation, chapter two can become chapter three and with recommendation, you can also suggest limitations of your work. Therefore, you should be prepared for the possibility that the introduction may be rewritten several times over, and that the majority of it will be completed after you have written the rest of your dissertation.

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