Digital Access to Previous Material is a Way to Write Dissertations

Digital Access to Dissertation
The participation of a person in the digital society is known as digital access. The use of different tools and technologies like the internet and computer to perform a specific task is known as digital access. We are using digital access for various purposes. In a similar way, we can also use digital access to previous material to write the dissertation. In order to write a dissertation, there requires a huge amount of data. Digital access allows us to gather such a huge amount of data. We can get access to previous material with the help of digital access in the following ways as recommended by dissertation writing services;

Google Scholar:
Google Scholar is a product of Google and it is providing a simple way to search the scholarly literature. There are lots of benefits of using Google Scholar to gather enough data for your dissertation. First of all, it is providing the best platform for the students to research scholarly literature at a place. Secondly, it is also providing a platform for the students to locate all citations that are used in the scholarly articles, thesis and dissertations etc. Thirdly, it also allows the researchers to locate all the documents through the library with the help of internet. Fourthly, you can also get an idea about recent developments in your area of interest. At last, it is also possible for you to get an idea who is citing your sources.

Online Library Catalogues:
An online library catalogue provides access to the students to gather enough data relevant to their topic idea in the soft form. On these online library catalogues, lots of E-Books, research papers, dissertations, thesis and journal articles are shared. First of all, you can gather enough data relevant to your topic idea by getting access to your university online library catalogue. Some essential examples of university catalogues are University of Southern California, Oxford University and Imperial College London etc. Secondly, you can get access to some regional catalogues. Some essential examples of regional catalogues are New York Public Library and Library of Congress etc. Thirdly, you can also get access to global catalogues to gather enough data for your dissertation. Some essential examples of global catalogues are the Center for Research Libraries, Libweb and LibDex etc.

Online Journals:
There are millions of online journals are available on different topics. In these journals, peer-reviewed articles and research papers are shared. The students can easily get access to these journals and find out the best data for their dissertations. Some essential examples of law journals are given below;

  • Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice
  • California Law Review
  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Some essential examples of finance journals are given below;

  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
  • Journal of International Money and Finance
  • Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

Some essential examples of physics journals are given below;

  • Physical Review
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • International Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • Reviews of Modern Physics

In a similar way, you can find out the best journals relevant to your topic ideas.
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