Why Job in Human Recourse is Considered Really Tough?

Job in Human Recourse
Whenever a business student is going to choose his subject for specialization, everyone recommends him to go for HR due to its greater demand and scope. But when the same student starts his professional life as HR manager and officer with a degree in Human Resource, the same field which he loved to choose as his specialization, becomes a nightmare for him. Usually in an organization, all departments think that the most chilling and relaxing department is HR and the employees working as HR officers and manager are the one who enjoy all of the perks and privileges. Is it really true? Or these are the myths and self-created perceptions about HR department and its workers? Let’s find the answer with the help of a dissertation help firm and resolve this confusion by going into the depth of HR.

Defining HR:

Human Resource Management is the department in an organization which is responsible for recruiting, selecting, hiring, training and compensating employees for organization. They have to bring in the new talent, keep training them and compensating them through rewards and benefits.

Responsibilities of an HR Officer:

Here are some of the major day to day responsibilities of HR staff
  • Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Selecting
  • Payrolls
  • Training
  • Orientations
  • Maintaining and handling employee relations
  • Managing transfers and promotions

Bigger Challenges that Make HR a Difficult Job:

Every job has some major responsibilities, which sometimes have greater impact on organization and some are directly linked to the profitability of and image of organization. Same is the case with HR department. One of the major responsibility of HR is to bring in new and talented staff ti make a creative, dedicated and motivated work team for organization. So selecting the best possible candidate from the available pool in the market, that best match the company's profile and policies is one of the challenging tasks. Reviewing lots of CV and resumes, and then shortlisting candidates with the fear that any good talent might not remain unnoticed, making schedules for interviews, then selecting the best candidate amongst all, is a task that consumes time and requires alot of efforts. Thus doesn't end up here, HR needs to maintain a proper record for employee training and development. Which training is required at what time, which facilitator is available for training, and which employees required training is another part which requires proper and timely planning. Same is with the employee's transfers and promotions.

When it comes of pay, rewards, compensation and employees benefits, HR department needs to be extra careful and vigilant. HR officers need to make sure timely credit of each employee's pay within same day. One of another important task is employee reward system. For example, a company announced annual bonuses for employees on the basis of their annual performance appraisal. For this HR department first need to prepare performance report by critically analysing performance of each staff. They have to make sure that each staff performance is evaluated fairly and he or she is rewarded justly and fairly based on his or her performance report. Here many employees unsatisfied with the report prepared for them or the reward given to them or they are not promoted. HR officers have to satisfy each staff by personally discussing their performance reports and their goals.

In day to day work routine may issue rise between a worker and his supervisor. Sometimes a supervisor is not satisfied with his worker's performance. Sometimes an employee thinks that his manager is assigning him unrealistic targets. Or a female employee complains about gender discrimination. HR is responsible for looking into these matters and resolving them by listening to both parties. At this stage, it is very difficult for HR manager to make please both parties. 

Employee’s health and wellbeing is another emerging challenge for human resource department. Healthy workers are assets for an organization, but if organization does not pay attention to employees’ health and well-being these workers may turn into liability. For this purpose, HR needs to conduct wellness programs and sometimes sports activities. Usually, it is understood that for HR Company and management interest is the top priority. Sometimes to keep the company safe from charges, human resource department whitewash genuine employee concerns.

Summing Up The Whole:

Each and every job and department has its own importance for an organization. One simply can not estimate the depth of water without going into the river. As an HR manager most of the times you have to fix up the bad things, sometimes you have to cover up organization in front of employees and on some days they are covering up workers for keeping good talent. Beside all these HR is always striving hard to provide a comfortable environment in an organization and their efforts and hard work must be appreciated.
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