English Literature Writing Guide - All You Need To Know

English Literature Writing Guide
English Literature is a vast term. It includes several writing skills. If you talk about English Literature writing skills we must know that it has so many types and genres. These genres include; short story, essay, prose, poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, etc. If you are a student of English Literature you must know certain things about the writing style and genres of literature. There are different styles of writing any literary text. The students of English Literature must follow some rules while writing any assignment, project, thesis, or dissertation. So we are going to highlight few types of styles in this article that will help the students to know about, English Literature Writings. Below is the English Literature writing guide shared by experts of dissertation writing services about all you need to know.

Types of English Literature Writing:

There four basic styles that have been followed by the students of literature to write their text. These types of writing are; expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. Each writing style is used for writing different genres of literature whether it fiction or non-fiction. Fiction refers to the works of literature created by the author through his or her imaginations like mysteries, fantasy, short stories, romance, etc. On the other hand, non-fiction refers to the form of literature in which authors write about factual-based things. For example; books and videos based on reality, languages, travel histories, cooking books and videos, religious books, science books, music-related books, so on and so forth. Sometimes singles text can be written in different styles depending on the need of the writer and text.

Expository Writing:

This is one of the most used and common types of writing non-fiction literature. In this expository writing style, the author or students usually write for the audience. They try to discuss or explain the ideas and concept of imparting information from their minds to the reader’s thoughts. The thing writing style has no recommendations and opinions from a writer for the readers. The only focus is on the facts and logic related to the topic concerning the statistics and pieces of evidence. The basic examples of expository writing are; essay writing, textbooks, articles, blogs, news stories, business blogs, and food recipes, etc.

Descriptive Writing:

This writing style deals with fiction. But it can also be used to write non-fiction at the same time like travel guides and memories, etc. Descriptive writing is all about painting a portrait with the help of words about a person, place, or thing for the readers. Authors use literary devices in their writings to show the importance of the text. Literary devices can be a metaphor, similes, hyperbola, alliteration, etc. These devices are used to show the impression of the author using five senses. In this style of writing the author doesn’t explain any scene to the audience. Descriptive writing includes; poetry, diary writing, drama, novels, novella, plays, etc.

Persuasive Writing:

Persuasive writing is more about non-fiction writings. This is the main type of literary and academic writing. This specific writing style is used to write academic papers, thesis, or dissertations, etc. Writers usually try to convince their readers about their moral story of the text according to their ideas. Authors give his/her personal opinions, justifications, and reasons with proper evidence of the correct version of any text for the readers. Most of the teachers in schools askes their pupil to write the argumentative essay in the persuasive style of writing. Examples related to persuasive writings are; letters of recommendation, essays, advertisements, cover letters, and reviews of the products, etc.

Narrative Writing:

Last but not the least, narrative writing, is the most used writing style of fiction. It is generally used in every piece of longer writing whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Using this writing style writers always focus on certain points like imparting information, in a form of a constructed story that is complete with sitting, location, place, characters, conflict, so on and so forth. Writings that come under this writing style are; short stories, novella, anecdotes, novel, drama, oral histories, and play, etc.


English Literature is a field that is related to the literary world of fiction and non-fiction. There are the basic writing styles that are being used by writers to write fiction and non-fiction in English Literature. These writings styles are used by writers all around the world. These writing styles are the basic guidelines for the students of English Literature to write their assignments, papers, articles, projects, journals, and thesis, etc.
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