Steps It Takes To Start And End An Essay Without Failure

Start And End An Essay
The beginning and end of an essay are the most critical and crucial points of the entire essay. They must be done the right way so that they make sense to the readers. As per a survey, more than half of the readers of an essay first read the introduction. They either continue their reading or just leave it if they do not like the introduction. So, it is imperative for writers to give an excellent start and end to the essay. It will not be wrong to say that these two things are the backbone of an essay.

However, many students do not know how to start and end an essay. They just blindly insert information into the document and submit it. Such students can never get the grades that they have always dreamt of. So, there is a need for a guide to let students know how to introduce a topic and conclude it. Keeping this in view, today’s article is all about those guidelines.

How To Start An Essay?

A good introduction is an essential part of an essay. It works as a binder and binds the reader to your topic. Therefore, you must write it very carefully as the readership of the essay mostly depends on this section. Below are the 4 steps you always consider when writing this element of an essay:
  • Hook. The first line of your essay must be a hook sentence that will bind your reader. It can be an intriguing question or an influential quote.
  • Background information. After the hook, the next thing is to provide the background information on your essay topic. This information provides the reader with the overall context. The information here should be focused, not broad.
  • Thesis statement. At 3rd comes the thesis statement, which is also the actual topic of your discussion. It must be narrow and focused, exceeding no more than 50 words.
  • Essay structure. Next, you need to talk about your essay structure. It includes information about what you are going to talk about in this essay.

How To End The Essay?

Concluding the essay well is very important to save yourself from failure. It is because it is the crux of your whole research and study. The impression you create in this section is the impression that your reader will take away with him. So, below are some of the points that you should consider when concluding the topic:
  • Link. You must conclude the topic by linking the last paragraph to the first one. You can restate the words if you want.
  • Use one-syllable words. You should put an end to your essay using one-syllable words. Two-syllable words do not make sense in the end.
  • Do not add anything new. Adding any information to the conclusion is considered a bad thing. You only have to conclude the topic with the information available.
  • Use compound sentences. Concluding with compound sentences makes the flow easy. Also, such sentences create a sense of balance.


The start and end of an essay should be perfect. These two sections of an essay are the life of it. The success and failure of your essay depend majorly on these two sections, say the top essay writers. Therefore, you must keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when writing an essay. These will help you a lot to start and conclude a topic well. However, if you are still facing any issue, you can get help from affordable essay writing services.
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