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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Students are familiar with different academic writing tasks. Every student has to face this. Writing an assignment is a nightmare of many students say the writers of Ph.D dissertation writing service. Why this happen? Students have many tasks to complete in their term, and they are unable to meet the deadlines as a result they get anxiety attacks which makes the situation even worse. But there is always a way out. You can avail the services of assignment writing and save your time. They have the specialist writers who are skilled and they can easily and quickly write your assignments in time. You can avail many benefits by hiring the writing services.

1.      High Quality and Originality
      The work provided is 100 percent genuine and unique. These companies have very strict policy for plagiarism. Their team revises and proofread every document before final submission. Plagiarism is checked on software’s to ensure the quality of work.

2.     Affordability
The service providers believe that too cheap assignments will not be of high quality. There are no skilled and qualified writers who will do work for free. But we offer affordable prices and discounts to new and regular customers. They want to attract more clients that’s why their prices are very affordable with high quality.

3.      24/7 Availability
Their  services are available 24/7. There are their  special representatives who are always ready to help their customers. You can order your assignment any time; their  representative will respond you in next 15 to 20 minutes.

4.      Privacy
      You do not have to be worried for the privacy of your data. as the policy of these companies protect every customer and they do not share the information with third party at any cost.

5.      Revisions
      Once the work is complete and ready to deliver. It is vetted and revised by the writers to omit errors. The revisions are free. Revisions are important and should be done so that it cannot create problems at any stage after submission or before submission.

6.      Guaranteed Work
      When student buys a dissertation he expects to receive results within time. These companies offer wide range of deadlines, according to the convenience of clients. The deadlines vary from hours to months whatever the need of customer is. When a student’s buys an online dissertation service, he trusts the name of the company and they are aware of this and deliver the work with well-structured and formatted text, accurate grammar and spellings. And if anyone is not satisfied with the services, then he or she can claim their refund.

7.     Plagiarism free work
The work provided is authentic and unique. Their writers do believe in providing quality work to their clients. The papers are checked with anti plagiarism tools to ensure the quality. they guarantee the quality of their work. If the client is not satisfied with the services, they can claim to get their payment back.

8.      Delivery 
The professional writers have great time management skills. Papers are delivered when required. There are no delays in the work.

9.      Proofreading
      The work is being proofread several times in order to ensure that there are no mistakes and errors are there.
10.  Changes
      You can also make changes according to your requirements. The writers are bound to listen to you and make the required changes as per instructions.

                                                         About the author:
Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a Ph.D dissertation writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

When you are going to write an academic paper, then you will need to conduct an effective research. Its reason is that for writing an academic paper, we need to collect the data and data is collected with the help of an effective research. Most of the students feel it very difficult to select right research approach due to lack of knowledge about research methodologies. It is necessary for us to select the research methodology that is appropriate for our research topic. You can get guidance from your supervisor or tutor on this issue. You can also contact dissertation writing services where expert writers are available to help you in selection of dissertation methodology as well writing methodology chapter. In this article I am going to inform you about two main research approaches that are qualitative research methodology and the quantitative research methodology. I will also describe the difference between the qualitative and quantitative research.

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Qualitative research methodology
Qualitative research methodology is a direct method to collect the data from the primary sources like observations, surveys and interviews. You can conduct a qualitative research methodology in the following way;
1)      Preparing research
a)      First of all, you should try to decide that whether it is necessary to collect the data with the help of qualitative research or quantitative research. You should try to read the literature related to your topic and try to know which methods is used by the other people.
b)      If it is necessary for you to collect the data with the help of qualitative research, then you should decide a research question that you want to study. Your research question should be clear, specific and manageable.
c)       There are a lot of types of qualitative research like action research, ethnography, ground theory and case study research. You can select one of them. For example, if you are going to find the immediate result with the help of qualitative research, then you can select the action research.
2)      Collecting and analyzing data
a)      If you are going to collect the data with the help of qualitative research methodology, then you can collect the data with the help of a lot of ways. You can collect the data through direct observation, participant observation, conducting interviews and completing surveys. In direct observation, it is required to collect the data directly by observing the situation without taking part in the situation. In the participant observation, it is required by an observer to directly involve in the situation in order to get the data. In an interview, you can collect the data by getting the answers from a particular person. In the surveys, you can collect the data with the help of questionaries.
b)      After collecting the data, it is also necessary for you to analyze the data. In this data analysis, you should try to keep only that data which is relevant to your topic and remove all the irrelevant data.
c)       After collecting and analyzing the data, the next thing is to write the data by following the professional structure and format of that particular academic paper.
Quantitative research methodology
In the quantitative research methodology, it is necessary for a student to collect the data from the secondary sources like books, magazines, government surveys and newspapers. You can conduct the quantitative research methodology in the following;
1)      Preparing research
a)      Like the qualitative research methodology, it is also necessary for you to read the literature related to your topic in order to know whether it is necessary for you to collect the data with the help of quantitative research methodology or not.
b)      Quantification of the data is the main purpose of the quantitative research methodology. In a quantitative research methodology, you are given a sample and you are asked to measure the interests, views and opinions of different people related to this sample.
c)       Quantitative research methodology is a process that is used to test pre-specified concepts and hypothesis that are used to develop the theory.
2)      Collecting and analyzing the data
a)      You can collect the data from the indirect sources like library books, newspapers, government surveys and magazines.
b)      After collecting the data, it is also necessary for you to analyze the data and keep only that data which is relevant to the topic of the academic paper.
c)       When you are going to analyze the data, then you can use the statistical tests.
d)      Like the qualitative research methodology, it is also necessary for you to write the data in the professional structure and format of the academic paper.
How to Select a Research Methodology?
You should keep in mind the following things while selecting the research methodology;
a)      Your research goals
b)      Statistical significance of the results
c)       Type of the required data
d)      Sample size
e)      Timing (How quickly you need results?)
f)       Availability of the existing information

These are the most important points that you should keep in mind while selecting the research methodology. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Assignment Writing
Writing assignments and giving tests, ne hopes to get the best marks for the work that they have put together. Everyone has a different strategy to prepare for tests and write assignments so a few things here and there can be done to make sure you get the best marks or if possible, the highest marks in the class. There are a lot of writing strategies one can try and find out which ones suit them best. Out of these strategies, few most recommended are below:
  • Assignment writing can be done for maximum marks by writing the assignments through the proper assignment writing format. The basic assignment writing format in not a long process and it ensures that you have done everything in the assignment that was needed to write a winning assignment so this strategy is easy and beneficial.
  • Test preparation is best done when you don’t have a lot of things in your mind. Like if you have to get some work done, if it is possible, get rid of the work first before you start the test preparation.
  • Another very useful strategy to prepare for a test is to choose the time of preparation wisely. Chose the time when you feel active and fresh and that is usually the part of the day when you feel most productive. Whatever you prepare in that part of the day will stick in your mind for a long time.
  • Write assignments in a lace that has no distraction. It should be quiet and it should have nothing around that will make you remember something and you will forget about the assignment writing for that moment. Best thing you can add to it is to keep everything near you when you start writing. You will not have to get up over and over again during the assignment writing and will be able to maintain your focus and concentration.
  • While preparing for a test or even during assignment writing, if you have taken a whole hour without looking around here and there, you will eventually experience long pauses during the work that is a sign of bored or tired mind to learn how to write a thesis. Give yourself a quick break of ten minutes (not longer) and go get yourself something to during and come back to work.
  • A little workout before test preparation is helpful in giving your brain more oxygen to process faster. That is particularly helpful in remembering new things during exams or assessments. Try getting a little exercise in before you prepare for the test. A ten minutes walk will work just fine.
Above mentioned strategies will work well for you even though they aren’t a lot or even though they are not very difficult to do, they will be very helpful in getting maximum marks. Or you can also hire assignment writing service and get their help and get guaranteed maximum marks in least possible time.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Assignment Writing Cliches
Assignment writing plays a very important role in all student's academic career. There are a number of students who don't get to understand the concept of assignment and end up copying from someone else. While writing an assignment there are a lot of mistakes that students can come across. One of these mistakes is using excessive amount of assignment writing cliches. Cliches are the kind of phrases or words that signify the importance of that sentence but in reality they are used a lot. Thus they lose their importance and just become extra use less words in a sentence. For example one of the most used assignment writing cliche is 'at the end of the day'. Now in normal routine, it usually wouldn't matter that much. But in an assignment that particular phrase has been used so much that it leaves a negative impact.

Some Common Cliches Used Widely;
The Fact of Matter or as a Matter of Fact; These are used so much that the impact it was supposed to make has disappeared. This makes the phrase a cliche and the sentence loses its impact on the paragraph. Though they were previously used to mark a sentence or word's significance, now specially in assignment writing they are considered useless.

Think Outside the Box: Thinking outside the box is not only an old phrase, it has also become just as ordinary as all other cliches. Only because it is being misused in assignments and academic writings. If something if the sort is needed to be told, use straight and new words instead of the same old. You can take help from assignment writing services to expand your thinking.

To All Intents and Purposes: This is also an old and so widely used phrase that it qualifies to be a failed cliche to use in assignment writing. It isn't even used in other places because it repeats two words having similar meaning. The purpose of these phrases now stands at zero because of them being used so widely even though they are unwanted now.

Par for the Course: Again, words from the old vocabulary are being used that have very little influence on the sentence. Very little or absolutely no influence on a sentence makes that phrase or in this case a cliche useless. They are only considered as ample and space occupying words worth of nothing but demise.

Ways to Avoid Cliches: Avoiding cliches in assignment writing can be achieved by looking for words that can replace the older ones. The other way to avoid these cliches is not using any of them at all. Instead stick to using high vocabulary words. While keeping the sentence straight and easy to grasp use the correct sentence formation and word placement. The next thing on the list of things you can do is get help from experts. Assignment writing experts are available for your help. They are up to date with all the latest trends and updated vocabulary. They will get you the quality work you need to outstand all our class mates while you can focus on other things and relax.