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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Dissertation is considered to be the most difficult task, there are many reasons that student find writing a dissertation very difficult task. It is a very time consuming process that requires a lot of research. It needs your complete concentration and dedication. Following are the steps written by assignment writing service, that can help you to start with your dissertation.

1.     Discuss your ideas
Discuss your ideas with the faculty of your college and university. You should start your discussion at the early stage, because it will take time to decide about one particular idea and refine it. You can also get useful feedback about your idea and you can modify your idea accordingly. You can also talk to the study about your idea either directly or on any forum.

2.     Select a topic
Once you discuss your ideas with colleagues and teachers, you can decide your dissertation topic based upon the feedback and the results of the discussion. You should always keep in mind that the topic of your dissertation should interest you and you fully understand in order to conduct a smooth research.

3.     Research question
You can read different study resources to gain knowledge and consequent upon that you can develop your research question. You can also develop your research question by solving the unsolved questions from other study modules and units.

4.     Use of newspapers and other media
You can also use newspapers and other media to identify the issues related to the topic you have selected. This will not only provide you with enough material but will also help you to understand your topic in dept. you can also learn about the new trends and techniques in the field and modify your research plan accordingly.

5.     Become familiar with the search sources
Make yourself familiar with the sources of research that are available in your institute and on the web. If you do not know any search source you can seek help from your colleagues, seniors and teachers. it is important that you know how to search the relevant material on web, so that you can gather the right information that is required for your research

6.     Scan the academic journals
You can also search different academic journals in order to understand your topic and to find the research material. The most relevant information that you can find for your research is in academic journals. You have to search for the journals relevant to your field and topic selected.

Think about a book you have found interesting
You can also take help from the books you have read. It will not only help you in gathering information but reading a book can also help you in the initial stages of your dissertation that is topic selection. You can also pick any topic or issue that you have found interesting while reading a book. You can use that issue or topic for your dissertation with little necessary modification. Modification is important to design your dissertation according to your culture and environment.

                                                      About the author:

Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a assignment writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dissertation Writing
Basic difference between a thesis and a dissertation:
In some universities, the thesis and dissertation are considered the same things. However, there is a big difference between two. Usually, a thesis is considered to be written at the end of a master’s degree. On the other hand, the dissertation is considered to be written at the end of the doctoral degree. Another main difference between the thesis and the dissertation is that when you are going to write a thesis, then you will need to conduct your own research. On the other, when you are going to write dissertation, then you can synthesize the literature that has already written. In this way, thesis and dissertation are two different terms so, most of students prefer to buy dissertation online.

Structural difference between a thesis and dissertation:
The major difference between a thesis and a dissertation is that both of these have different lengths. A thesis is usually written in 100 pages. On the other hand, a dissertation is much larger in length than a thesis. Its reason is that in a thesis, you will have to show only your own research and in this way, its length will be less. On the other hand, in a dissertation, you will need to provide extensive research, background information and it is also necessary for you to tell the basic ways of conducting this research. Usually, a dissertation is three times in length than a thesis.

The difference between thesis and a dissertation in Europe:
In Europe, the thesis is considered to be the focused piece of original research. It is usually used to get the Doctoral degree. Its reason is that it consists of the extensive references and citations of the previous work. On the other hand, a dissertation is just considered as a part of the post-graduate research project. In short, in Europe, a dissertation is considered as a shorter piece of writing rather than a thesis.

The difference between thesis and dissertation in USA:
In USA, the definitions of thesis and dissertations are totally different from the Europe. In USA, the thesis is considered as a shorter piece of writing than a dissertation. In USA, the thesis is used to get the master’s degree only. On the other hand, a dissertation is is used to get the Doctoral degree. In this way, in USA, a dissertation is written with extensive research.

What they have in common:
Along with some difficulties, there are also some similarities in both thesis and dissertation. These similarities are given below;
  1. Either you are going to write a thesis or a dissertation, it is a necessary for you to write them seriously.
  2. You will have to submit them before the deadline.
  3. There should not be no chance of plagiarism both in thesis and dissertation.
  4. It is necessary for you to write the thesis and dissertation in the professional structure.
  5. There should be coherency in the thesis as well as dissertation.