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You have to do dissertation in the last semester of your degree. It is a huge weight on your shoulders. It is a very stressful project to do. You have come so far in your studies and achieved so many milestones, when you are not able to do dissertation it is not only a big shame but loss to your pocket too along with so many years that have gone wasted. It is always very hard to write dissertation, no matter at what level you are. When you are not able to do your dissertation, you should look for the guidelines and information on how to write a dissertation. You can get dissertation samples in order to get an idea. Many students hire professional dissertation writing services, but it is not on unethical but also a burden on your pocket, which you might not afford. So it is better to write a dissertation at your own. You can find many sample dissertations and guidelines not only online but in the library of your university.

How to find a sample dissertation?
Dissertation writing service provides you the guidelines about sample dissertation and help in writing your own dissertation. You can get an idea how to write a dissertation. You get to know about the number of pages, word count and referencing styles. There are many sources that can provide you the sample dissertation

You can find anything related to your studies in the library of your university. Dissertations are also kept there in the library for the reference of other students. You can find dissertation of your field of study easily in the library. Study that dissertation for your guidance and help. You can even take the photocopy of dissertation for yourself, this will make you able to take dissertation home and work from there.

Help from teacher
Another way of getting a sample dissertation is to take help from your teacher. That is the easiest way because in this way you can get the most relevant dissertation and your teacher can also give you tips on dissertation writing. Teachers usually have the stock of dissertations with them. They can provide you easily if you ask for help.

Internet is the most approachable source for getting a dissertation sample. You can find thousands of samples online. You only have to do little effort by searching. You can even find the sample dissertations on your topic. You can even watch the tutorials online for getting help and guidance on writing a dissertation. Internet is full of information, you only to know the right way to search for the relevant information.

You can also take help from your seniors in the university. As they are your seniors, they must have done a research (Dissertation). You can request for their dissertation for sample. You can take the notes of the important points and can give back the dissertation.
Above mentioned are few sources form where you can get dissertation sample.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a dissertation writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

The abstract is the most important part of your dissertation according to the writers of assignment writing service. It is the first part of your dissertation describing your work which will be read by the examiner. Your abstract should be very impressive and detailed. It is the summary of whole thesis. The abstract presents all the elements of your thesis. An abstract is not only an introduction in the sense of a preface, preamble, or advance organizer that prepares the reader for the thesis. In addition to that function, it must be capable of replacement for the whole thesis when there is insufficient time and space with the examiner to read your dissertation. It will give the examiner an idea what your dissertation is all about and what are the findings and recommendations.

The Structure of the abstract

There is a specific word limit for abstract. Usually the abstract consists of 350 words. You have to present and explain your entire dissertation in those 350 words. The structure of the abstract should reflect the structure of the thesis and it should have all the important components of the dissertation. For example, if your thesis has five chapters (introduction, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion), there should be one or more sentences assigned to summarize each chapter.

Clearly Specify Your Research Questions

Your research question should be clearly mentioned in the abstract. As in the thesis your research question are very important in ensuring that the abstract is logically structured and it is coherent. The research question forms the skeleton of the research as well as the abstract. You should mention the research question at the beginning of the abstract. If your thesis has more than 3 research questions, you should rephrase them for the abstract as there is space for only 2 to 3 research questions.

Mention the methodology

You should briefly explain the methodology of your dissertation. It should not be too long, it should be very precise. Only mention the method you have used, size of sample and the organization on which the research has been conducted and questionnaires have been distributed. Methodology is important; readers will come to know how you have conducted your research and got the findings and results of the thesis.

Don't Forget the Results

The most common mistake that the students make is they fail to present the results of the thesis. The main purpose of the abstract is to tell your readers what you have discovered in your research. The last part of the abstract is also very important as it is completely dedicated to the findings and results of the thesis, in which you mention what, are the results of your research.
You can write a well structured abstract by following all the points mentioned above. Abstract is the first impression of your dissertation, as it is said that the first impression is the last impression. Your abstract should be catchy, well written and as the same time it should be precise.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a assignment writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

Study is and should be the most important thing in student’s life. Your all activities during your academic life revolve around studies. The purpose of every activity is to improve your performance in studies. You take admission in university with the purpose to study and there are many activities in university that can help you to improve your confidence and performance.
University is the place where you spend the best years of your life say writers of dissertation proposal writing service. University life is very different from school and college. It is a big change for many. We are going to tell you what you have to do upon admission in university.

Arrival at University

When you arrive at the university, go to the admission office or reception for information about your classroom and timetable. This is important you do it at the first place, so that you can save your time and yourself from ragging. If you are living in hostel. You should make your room look nice and comfortable. Put up some pictures on the wall and hang decorations on the wall. Whenever you are free, explore your campus and the surrounding areas. It is important to know where the things are, like canteen, library, book shop, hospital, grocery shops and any other thing you might need in your stay there. Having more knowledge of your area will make it easy to cope.

Stay Healthy

When you are at a new place, where you don’t have your parents and elders to take care of you, it is your own responsibility to look after your physical health. Take a good sleep to keep you fresh, eat well and healthy, refrain from eating junk a lot and do exercise. If you don’t have time to join gym, the simplest exercise is to do walk. Use stairs instead of taking lift. Along with physical work it is also very important that you maintain your mental health. Stay away from stress and anxiety and if you feel that you are getting stressed, you should consult a doctor for counseling.

Work is priority

You have come to the University for Studies and you should not forget that. Do not miss your classes. If you miss your class or do not understand anything in the class, there is no harm in asking teacher to help you. You even can ask your colleagues for help. Everyone hates doing assignments but you have to do it in order to get good marks. Do your assignments regularly. If you find difficulty in doing, you can take help from books, notes and internet.


We humans are social animals and we cannot stay alone. Make friends at the university and in the hostel. You will feel better; your social life will improve. You can take help from your friends in many things. You will not feel bored and stressed. Hang out with your friends but not that often that affects your study, you should also take care of your money. Save some money for emergency and maintain your budget.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a dissertation proposal writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

To analyze and thinking critically is a useful skill, it not only helps you in school work but it also makes you able o analyze the news articles, researches. A good analysis requires a summary, annotation, and examination of an article and its writer.
Analyzing an article such as a news article or scholarly article is different than analyzing literature. When you’re analyzing literature, you’re looking for things like symbolism, metaphors, and other literary techniques. The goal of article analysis is to inform and influence.
According to the writers of Ph.D dissertation writing service, there are three strategies to analyze articles.

 Summarizing an Article

Read the article but do not take notes, first reading should be done to make concepts clear to you. it makes you able to understand the general content and concept of the article. Look up any terms or words that you are unclear about. If your article is technical, you should ensure you understand all the concepts before you begin to analyze. Write a short three to four sentence summary of the article. If you are unable to do so, you may need to reread it for content.

Annotating an Article

You should take the hard copy of the article to do it by hand. Be sure about page numbers, it will help you to cite the articles correctly.
Read the article a second time to highlight concepts.  Highlight the thesis of the article. This should be the main argument that the writer is making or trying to prove. Your analysis will refer back to this thesis frequently as you decide how successful the author was in convincing their audience. Underline concepts that recur frequently throughout the article. Underline supporting points and make notes about them in the margins as you go along. If you are reading a scientific paper, look for methods, evidence, and results. This is the accepted structure of most scientific papers. Make notes of any concepts that are not fully proven or explained. These annotations will save you time during the writing process.

Analyzing an Article

Write the summary or abstract of the article. If you are writing an analysis essay, this can serve as your introduction. Provide some cursory research about the writer of the article. Their qualifications will prove whether their opinions are part of an area of expertise. In historical articles, this will also establish whether the author is a primary or secondary source. State whether you believe the author could be guilty of a bias. In media-related articles, you should state whether the author was able to stay somewhat objective as they relayed news to the audience.

The audience of the article

 Decide if you believe the author provided enough to the audience. For example, if the audience is the general public, but the author uses very technical terms, it may not be a convincing article.

Decide the purpose of the article

You should decide what the author is trying to prove through his thesis and arguments? What is the purpose of the article? You can give examples how author proved the purpose of his article. Write down the questions that were left unanswered. Explain why the article matters to the reader and to the world in general. 

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a Ph.D dissertation writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

Writing a movie review is a common assignment that students have to do in high school and college. Though it seems simple, movie review requires a lot of time and proper format. Movie review is not only about explaining the story or events in the movie, it’s beyond that.


According to the writers of buy dissertation online, the main purpose of movie review is to tell readers the story and idea o the movie. But students make mistakes while writing movie reviews. In movie review you report all the events and you give your opinion about the film, documentary and any drama. While writing movie review you should be unbiased and use the objective approach.

How to write movie review

·         The movie or documentary which you are reviewing, watch it twice. You should take the notes of the events in the movie or documentary; take the notes of all major and minor events. Note taking is important because you cannot rely on your memory as you can forget many events and points while writing a review and it is possible that you forget or miss the most important points, that is why note taking is highly recommended.

·         For writing a review, watching a movie is not enough, you should conduct proper research on that.  Look for details such as the name of filmmaker and his/her motivation to make that film or documentary work, locations, plot, characterisation, historic events that served as an inspiration for the movie. The basic idea and purpose of research is to collect necessary information that can play crucial role in writing a review.

·         Understand the film before starting the review. Analyse the film after watching. Analyse the movie after you watching it. Evaluate the movie from beginning to an end. Re-watch it, if necessary, if you find some parts confusing. Only when you understand events that happened on the screen will you find it easier to create the review.

·         It is important that you draft an outline that how you will write your review. Outline will help you to write in flow without any hurdle and confusion.

·         Use examples in your review to make the claims. If the plot has holes, then mention an example of a situation or scene when that was evident. Also, if the character is poorly developed or bad casting affected the movie quality, name examples too. Provide examples when commenting dialogues, locations, plot, everything. If you want that your reader agrees with you, you should back up your claims with evidence and providing examples will help to support that claim. Examples also serve another purpose which is that your review is not biased.

·         Your review should also explain the originality and uniqueness of the movie. Explain why this movie is different from previously done work specially when there are too many movies or documentaries have been made of the same topic or issue. You should explain how it is different or it is the same as previous work done.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a buy dissertation online provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

Writing a dissertation is compulsory requirement for every course and so for nursing too. For writing a good dissertation, it is important that you should have good command on the area. If your writing skills are not good, you cannot write an impressive and good dissertation. A good writing comes from reading. You have a good reading habit; your writing skills will be good automatically. When you will be having reading skills, you will be in better position to conduct a research better.

Importance of reading and Research

Research is required not only for students and academics but for all professionals. According to dissertation writing service, research helps us in every walk of life. It is very important for everyone.

Helps to understand different issues
Research helps us to understand different issues. When you are not aware of an issue, you start researching about it. You not only get to know about the background of the issue but also you have got plenty of information to solve the issue. Because research has provided a sound knowledge, understanding and expertise to resolve the issue.
It helps to prove the truth
Research and reading also helps in proving the truth. If you are not sure about something, you can do research for that. Eventually you will come to conclusion after doing the research and reading. After thorough research you will be able to prove whether the issue or argument is true or not.
Helps to improve knowledge
As it is said knowledge is power but knowledge does not come to anybody as gift. You have to do efforts for that. Reading and doing research are the main sources of knowledge. When you read anything whether a book, article or magazines, it improves your knowledge.
The reason of success
Without knowledge, you cannot get success in life. If you have knowledge, you can do anything right. If you do not have knowledge of anything such as business or a job, you will not be able to perform well and eventually will end up in confusion. Knowledge is the reason that keeps you in the right track.
Writing a nursing dissertation also requires a lot of knowledge and research. You cannot write a dissertation without doing proper research. If you do not know how to write a dissertation, what things should be included in dissertation, then you will not able to write a proper and good dissertation which will end up in low grades. Writing a dissertation requires a good amount of time. The research about a topic consumes your time and energy. If you want to write a good dissertation, you would have to dedicate a good amount of time on research. When your research will be strong, your dissertation will also be good. There are many professional writing services are available, students usually prefer to hire a professional for writing a dissertation, this is because professional writers have sound knowledge of the field and they have good command on the topic. The reading and dissertation is very important for writing a good nursing dissertation.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a dissertation writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.

There has been lot of criticism raised about the bad effects of social media on children. However, there are many advantages and opportunities a social networking provides to students according to the writers of coursework writing service. it’s not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media.

Students are understanding the world through more than just books and assignments; they are learning about world using a new form of communication. In today’s world we cannot deny the importance of communication and you need connections everywhere you go. Through social; networking, you can be connected to different people around the world. Who could be beneficial for you not only in your education but also in getting you the best work opportunity.

The purpose of social networking sites is to connect with people. Today’s students are accessing Facebook, Twitterand even Instagram to connect and share with those around them. One of the most interesting things about social networking is that users can interact and engage with each other exclusively through a Web presence, perhaps never even meeting in person.
Web engagement
Whether they are connected through picture sharing, links sharing or even commenting on each other posts. Students use social networking 24 hours a day to interact with their friends, family and teachers. This not only helps them to access information from their home but they can develop good interpersonal relationships with people. They can take help from their teachers on any subject which they find difficult. They can make their presentations and assignments at home by taking the help of experts. Students can join the groups and pages that are relevant to their studies for help and guidance.
The users of social networking sites are sharing information with each other. The information is shared at a rapid speed. They are not only sharing videos and photos but they share views, opinions, tips, tricks, and even DIY projects; and, among students, helpful information for classes. Their ability to assess, analyze, retain and share information is very fast and they  develop the skills that are necessary to  cope in today’s world.
Social Marketing
The beginning and domination of social networking has created a new type of marketing, which has required professionals to build and further the field. As social media and networking users join the workforce, they bring their skills to their careers as they develop these skills through social networking. Social media prepares young workers to become great marketers. It has become essential for major businesses to include a social media marketing strategy and students today are the people filling these positions.
Social media and networking has become an important part of our lives specially the younger generation. There are some side effects but it also offers plenty of benefits to students and businesses. By social networking you can develop good relationships with people related to your field, you can take their advise and use their expertise to develop your skills and knowledge. There are many links, websites, groups and pages that offer help online to students and they are just a click away.

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Jacob Oram is a research writer affiliated with a coursework writing service provider company. He helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. He also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of his interests in his free time.