Setting priorities after you get admission in your dream college

Every student has set some goals for his or her life and taking admission in one of his or her dream college is one of those goals say Ph.D dissertation writing services writers. You work hard to get admission in your dream college. When you get admission then it is your duty to set priorities for yourself. How you set priorities, it is all up to you. But you should keep in mind that your study should be on the top, as your primary goal as a student is to study and earn good grades.

How to set priorities
When you get admission in your dream college, there are some things that you should keep in your priority, especially for the first year of the college. when you will be having things in your priority list, it will help you to adjust easily in the new place with the new people.
·         Your first priority is your study. You should set goals and plans for study. Think how can you study well and when you can study well. You would have already been familiar with your study habits. If you can study alone then study alone by developing a space for you, if you study in group then form or join study group. This will help you to study well.
·         Make yourself familiar with the environment of the college. Meet new people and befriend with good students. Social life is as important as study as it keeps you fresh physically and mentally. Give your time to your social life. This will make easy for you to survive in college especially in the first year of the college.
·         It is also important that you are aware of your surroundings. Explore the new areas in your campus. Go to your library and canteen. Go nearby your campus areas to get yourself familiar with the environment.
·         Participate in the different activities of the college. Take part in competition, participate in the projects. Join societies in the college. Take part in anything whichever interest you. This will help you to boost your confidence.
·         A Sport is the mandatory event of every college. attend at least one sporting event each semester. There are sports weeks arranged in colleges, which give students chance to participate in their favorite games.
·         Find a part-time job for some extra cash. This will help you to save money for your future. You can also help your family. When you will be having your own earnings, it will give you sense of achievement.
·         You should also save money for yourself. The college expenses are more than high school expenses. You have to save your pocket money or earning for future and hard time use. Do not spend money on unnecessary things.
The above mentioned points are not only the priories a student should set for himself but these are also tips for adjusting and surviving in the new environment of the college, especially when it is your dream college and you have worked very hard to get admission there.

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