The right way to analyze an article

To analyze and thinking critically is a useful skill, it not only helps you in school work but it also makes you able o analyze the news articles, researches. A good analysis requires a summary, annotation, and examination of an article and its writer.
Analyzing an article such as a news article or scholarly article is different than analyzing literature. When you’re analyzing literature, you’re looking for things like symbolism, metaphors, and other literary techniques. The goal of article analysis is to inform and influence.
According to the writers of Ph.D dissertation writing service, there are three strategies to analyze articles.

 Summarizing an Article

Read the article but do not take notes, first reading should be done to make concepts clear to you. it makes you able to understand the general content and concept of the article. Look up any terms or words that you are unclear about. If your article is technical, you should ensure you understand all the concepts before you begin to analyze. Write a short three to four sentence summary of the article. If you are unable to do so, you may need to reread it for content.

Annotating an Article

You should take the hard copy of the article to do it by hand. Be sure about page numbers, it will help you to cite the articles correctly.
Read the article a second time to highlight concepts.  Highlight the thesis of the article. This should be the main argument that the writer is making or trying to prove. Your analysis will refer back to this thesis frequently as you decide how successful the author was in convincing their audience. Underline concepts that recur frequently throughout the article. Underline supporting points and make notes about them in the margins as you go along. If you are reading a scientific paper, look for methods, evidence, and results. This is the accepted structure of most scientific papers. Make notes of any concepts that are not fully proven or explained. These annotations will save you time during the writing process.

Analyzing an Article

Write the summary or abstract of the article. If you are writing an analysis essay, this can serve as your introduction. Provide some cursory research about the writer of the article. Their qualifications will prove whether their opinions are part of an area of expertise. In historical articles, this will also establish whether the author is a primary or secondary source. State whether you believe the author could be guilty of a bias. In media-related articles, you should state whether the author was able to stay somewhat objective as they relayed news to the audience.

The audience of the article

 Decide if you believe the author provided enough to the audience. For example, if the audience is the general public, but the author uses very technical terms, it may not be a convincing article.

Decide the purpose of the article

You should decide what the author is trying to prove through his thesis and arguments? What is the purpose of the article? You can give examples how author proved the purpose of his article. Write down the questions that were left unanswered. Explain why the article matters to the reader and to the world in general. 

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