Wednesday, 2 October 2019

The study is the center of all activities: The best rules that you should strictly follow at University


Study is and should be the most important thing in student’s life. Your all activities during your academic life revolve around studies. The purpose of every activity is to improve your performance in studies. You take admission in university with the purpose to study and there are many activities in university that can help you to improve your confidence and performance.
University is the place where you spend the best years of your life say writers of dissertation proposal writing service. University life is very different from school and college. It is a big change for many. We are going to tell you what you have to do upon admission in university.

Arrival at University

When you arrive at the university, go to the admission office or reception for information about your classroom and timetable. This is important you do it at the first place, so that you can save your time and yourself from ragging. If you are living in hostel. You should make your room look nice and comfortable. Put up some pictures on the wall and hang decorations on the wall. Whenever you are free, explore your campus and the surrounding areas. It is important to know where the things are, like canteen, library, book shop, hospital, grocery shops and any other thing you might need in your stay there. Having more knowledge of your area will make it easy to cope.

Stay Healthy

When you are at a new place, where you don’t have your parents and elders to take care of you, it is your own responsibility to look after your physical health. Take a good sleep to keep you fresh, eat well and healthy, refrain from eating junk a lot and do exercise. If you don’t have time to join gym, the simplest exercise is to do walk. Use stairs instead of taking lift. Along with physical work it is also very important that you maintain your mental health. Stay away from stress and anxiety and if you feel that you are getting stressed, you should consult a doctor for counseling.

Work is priority

You have come to the University for Studies and you should not forget that. Do not miss your classes. If you miss your class or do not understand anything in the class, there is no harm in asking teacher to help you. You even can ask your colleagues for help. Everyone hates doing assignments but you have to do it in order to get good marks. Do your assignments regularly. If you find difficulty in doing, you can take help from books, notes and internet.


We humans are social animals and we cannot stay alone. Make friends at the university and in the hostel. You will feel better; your social life will improve. You can take help from your friends in many things. You will not feel bored and stressed. Hang out with your friends but not that often that affects your study, you should also take care of your money. Save some money for emergency and maintain your budget.

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